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The Complete Guide to a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel for Homeowners

71% of Americans surveyed believe owning a hot tub would improve their lives. That’s because Jacuzzi baths are the ultimate way to indulge yourself without ever leaving your home. The warm water envelopes your body, easing sore muscles and helping you relax completely as you soak in the tub.

But a Jacuzzi bath remodel can seem like an impossible task, especially if you’re new to home renovations. In this comprehensive guide, we hope to simplify the process for Jacuzzi owner hopefuls. Read on to learn everything you need to know about a Jacuzzi bath remodel from start to finish.

What Is a Jacuzzi?

Wonderful Jacuzzi bathtub in a wooden bathroom interior
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The term Jacuzzi started as a brand name. But, over time, it’s become another term for hot-tub style bathtubs with heating features and jetstreams.

Made from materials like fiberglass, stainless steel, and even marble, Jacuzzis come in various sizes to suit your renovation dreams. Some modern Jacuzzis are even smart-home friendly. So, you can adjust bath temperatures and jet pressure from your phone or other wireless devices.

Moreover, Jacuzzis come in a variety of shapes. You can select any shape that fits your style and bathroom layout, from round Jacuzzis to corner-fitted ones.

Why Get a Jacuzzi?

Bathroom renovations cost a lot of money, and upgrading to a Jacuzzi only adds to that. So, why would anyone opt for a Jacuzzi bath instead of a regular one?

The first reason is that upgrading your bath to a Jacuzzi doesn’t change the normal functions of a bath. You can still take standard showers and baths using a Jacuzzi tub. But, you have the added benefit of taking a Jacuzzi bath.

Jacuzzi baths differ from regular baths because they offer a more luxurious bathing experience. Not only will you maintain your desired bath temperature for longer, but you can choose various massage functions to enhance your experience.

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Normal bathtubs also hold less water than Jacuzzi tubs. So, you don’t get to fully submerge yourself in the water or share a romantic bath with your partner comfortably. Aside from those basic differences, Jacuzzis also offer health and financial benefits.

Relax After a Long Day

While a regular bath is relaxing, Jacuzzi jets soothe sore muscles. Allow yourself a full recovery after a long, stressful day.

Not only will your muscles relax, but so will your brain. Soaking in a warm Jacuzzi helps release mental stress. The amount of relief you feel from your Jacuzzi will make the remodel totally worth it!

Sleep Better

Did you know that taking a warm bath before bed can help you fall asleep faster? Since your body temperature drops as you fall asleep, taking a warm soak before crawling into bed simulates that. So, you end up falling asleep faster.

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Moreover, studies show that a warm bath improves sleep quality! A 2012 study of fibromyalgia patients showed that regular soaks reduced morning sleepiness, fatigue, and even depression!

Burn Calories

Yes, a soak can burn more calories than a shower. An hour-long bath in Jacuzzis burn as many calories as a 30-minute walk! So, you can skip the gym and still feel good about yourself while you relax in the tub.

Increase Your Home’s Value

If you decide to move, you can’t take your Jacuzzi with you. So, that possibility may keep you from investing in one. But, a Jacuzzi can actually increase the resale value of your home!

Planning Your Jacuzzi Bath Remodel

Whether you’ve already hired a contractor or you’re in the research phase of your bathroom remodel, you should approach your jacuzzi installation with careful planning. The most important goals to achieve in this project are to get it done within your budget, within your desires, and within your time and quality standards.

Set a Budget

Understanding your budget is the first step to a jacuzzi bath remodel. Creating a detailed plan will ensure you don’t go over budget and that you stick to your schedule. You should make accommodations for your Jacuzzi within your whole bathroom remodel budget.

The cost of your Jacuzzi tub alone ranges depending on its size and the features you want. In addition to the cost of the tub, you may need to make plumbing and electrical upgrades to your bathroom. Plus, you can’t forget about the labor fees contractors charge for removal and installation.

You must consider these factors before starting the project so your contractor can give you an accurate quote. Otherwise, it’s common to run into more incidental costs that make you bust your budget.

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Cost Guide

Setting your budget is easier when you know the general costs of a Jacuzzi bath remodel. Before we jump into the cost guide, we want to clarify that these prices are for a tub only- remodeling your entire bathroom will come at a higher cost.

Overall, replacing your tub with a luxury bath like a Jacuzzi ranges in cost from $6,500 to $10,500. But, others cost as little as $2,000.

If you want to save money, look into other brands. Just because these are popular doesn’t mean you can’t find a quality tub from a less popular retailer. Don’t be afraid to shop around or seek advice from industry professionals. In addition to the tub itself, other costs include:

  • Tub Removal: $50-100
  • Waste Disposal: $100-$4200
  • Surface Preparation/Shell Building: $300-$800
  • New Hardware: $50-$900
  • Plumbing: $400-1,900
  • Electric: $500-$1800
  • Tiling: $750-$1500
  • Labor: $100 to $2,000

You can save on things like hardware and tiling by selecting styles that match your aesthetic in cheaper materials. You will be able to hone in on these price ranges after getting a quote from your contractor.

Select a Contractor

The most important aspect of selecting a jacuzzi bath remodel contractor is that they have experience installing these tubs. Once you’ve established that, consider your budget and quality expectations as you make your final selection. Here are a few tips you should keep in mind when making these considerations:

  • Ask for recommendations from friends and family
  • Seek information from community forums
  • Read online reviews for various contracting companies
  • Review photos of the contractor’s previous work
  • Get many quotes to compare and contrast
  • Don’t be afraid to negotiate
  • Trust your gut

Remember that in home renovations, you get what you pay for. If you get a quote that falls way below the industry standard, it’s probably too good to be true.

Choose a Jacuzzi Tub

As with any home upgrade, the Jacuzzi tub you select will embody your personal style within your physical and monetary limits. We’ve already covered setting a budget, but the tub you choose will also depend on the size and layout of your bathroom.

Since Jacuzzis come in various shapes, you’ll have many versatile options for upgrading your bathtub. However, you need to know your limitations. While a round tub won’t bode well in a half-bath, a corner tub may be perfect (even if it doesn’t match your dream bathroom aesthetic).

In addition to size and shape, you’ll also consider which jacuzzi tub features or upgrades you want. Features we love include:

  • Built-in Seating
  • Water massage systems
  • Whirlpool technology
  • Automated cleaning system
  • Accessibility support like grab bars
  • Shelving and storage
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Make a list of your must-have features and compare that to what’s available within your budget. Think about what you’re willing to compromise on and what you aren’t, and make your decision from there.

Plan Around Your Remodel

Living at home during a remodel is disruptive to your life. But unless you can afford to live in a hotel during your remodel, you don’t have many options, but having a plan will make it easier.

First, consider what you’re willing to sacrifice. If your contractor is only doing daytime work, your time at home may not overlap much with their time on the job. However, you may deal with construction workers coming in and out of your home if you’re paying for a quicker job and later hours.

You should also think about how you’re going to shower during the remodel. You won’t always be able to use the bathroom you’re renovating. So, if that’s your only place to shower, arrange alternate plans.

Some people rely on the kindness of friends and family to use their amenities during renovations. If you have a gym membership, most gyms have showers you can use. Of course, if you opt to rent a hotel room during your jacuzzi bath remodel, you can use their showers instead.

Jacuzzi Bath Remodel Timeline

A generalized timeline for a jacuzzi bath remodel is around 3-4 weeks from start to finish. But it’s almost impossible for us to predict how long your remodel will take. There are many factors that can contribute to delays in completing your bath remodel:

  • Location
  • Contractor availability
  • Availability of materials
  • COVID restrictions
  • Shipping delays

When you get your quote from your contractor, they should also be able to provide a more specific timeline to you. If your contractor doesn’t stick to their timeline, don’t let them hassle you. Be proactive and take the necessary steps to get back on track.

What to Expect During a Jacuzzi Bath Remodel

Now that you have your plans underway, you need to know what to expect from the remodeling process. Here are the steps your bathroom will undergo while it’s being demolished, removed, and replaced.

Part I: Preparation

You conducted a lot of preparation before even hiring the contractor. But, before the contractors begin, they too must do some preparation work.

They must draw up a plan, submit it to the city, and receive the proper building permits. Without these permits, they have no legal permission to start working on your remodel.

Once they get the go-ahead to start, they will do an initial overview of your tub’s water valves. Your contractor will begin by checking the hot and cold shutoffs in your existing bath.

Some baths don’t have these shutoffs at all and others have leaks. In either of these cases, they’ll turn off the main water supply and replace the bath shutoffs during the remodel. This may create additional costs that you should be aware of. 

Part II: Demolition

After all the prep work, your contractors can begin demolition. They begin this step by disconnecting the overflow valve to separate your tub from the hardware that connects it to your plumbing system.

Since your new Jacuzzi won’t be the same dimensions as your existing tub, you should expect more demolition of your bath’s surrounding area. Affected areas in most Jacuuzi bath remodels include:

  • Shower doors
  • Floor tiles
  • Wall tiles
  • Surrounding drywall

Your contractor will also remove your shower nozzle. However, you do not have to replace this fixture. Many people choose to update their shower hardware during renovations.

But, you can keep your old one and have your contractor reinstall it later. Of course, if your contractor finds leaks or advises you otherwise, we recommend going with replacement here as well.

As the workers pry away at the tiling and flooring, they will remove the debris from your home. Most contracting companies bring their own waste disposal units onsite. So, you don’t have to worry about renting a dumpster for this part of the remodel.

Part III: Removal

Now, it’s time to remove the tub. Depending on the size and weight of your tub, your contractors may decide to carry it out in one piece. Don’t be afraid to ask to keep your intact tub as you could try selling or repurposing it later.

But, if you have a large or heavy tub, the contractors may need to break it into smaller pieces to get it out of your home. We often see this happen for extra heavy cast iron tubs or big tubs that won’t fit through a doorway.

Part IV: Roughing It In

After the workers clear the tub and tiling from your bathroom, they have a blank slate to begin roughing in the parts of your new Jacuzzi. They will start working on the plumbing upgrades.

The first step in this process is to lay out water lines for the Jacuzzi’s drain, faucets, tub, and shower. Then, they will mark the tub location and build supports for it. Even if you chose a tub with decent dimensions for your bathroom, you rarely find a perfect fit.

However, seasoned home renovators overcome this problem with ease. In most cases, contractors can build around it to create a seamless fit. Once they finish building a shell for the tub and laying out the lines, they must complete any remaining floor tile work.

Part V: Installation

Then, your contractor will begin installing the tub. Double-checking to make sure it’s level, they will gently place the new Jacuzzi bath in place and test fit all the pieces. Along the way, expect to see your contractors constantly double-checking their work.

If the fit is even 1/2 inch off level, they will remove the tub and make adjustments. They will even remove the tub and rebuild the shell if it isn’t the right size or shape. They should only install your tub after finding the perfect, level fit.

Then, they will attach it to your home by adding mortar to the bath fitting and placing the tub in, waiting for the mortar to harden before continuing. Then, they will start hooking up all the lines they’d previously roughed in.

After an initial installation, they’ll do a test run and check for leaks. That includes again testing the shutoff valves and testing the overflow drain.

Now that they know there aren’t any leaks, they will turn the water back off and complete any electrical work necessary. This may include adding wiring for the lights, a sound system, or any other electrical amenities you planned.

Part VI: Wrapping It Up

With the electrical and plumbing units in place, it’s time to wrap up the job. Your contractors will finish by sealing the tub and all its water lines. Finally, they will complete the wall tile work, replace your showerhead, and tie any other loose ends.

Once everything is water-sealed, they will conduct one final test to ensure the functionality of your new Jacuzzi. Then, your contractors will clean up you get to enjoy your new whirlpool bath in style!

Can I Do a DIY Jacuzzi Bath Remodel?

Lovely wooden bathroom with a luxurious Jacuzzi tub
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Technically, you can. But, unless you have experience in plumbing, electric wiring, and water-proofing for bathrooms, there are a lot of risks involved in a DIY Jacuzzi bath remodel.

For example, if you’re not sure how to waterproof your new installation, you could be inviting mold and bacteria into your home that will diminish your health. Moreover, it will cost more to remove and replace mold-infested areas than it would to hire a contractor for your remodel.

If you want to save money with DIY, consider adding to your existing bathtub instead of replacing it. You can recreate the Jacuzzi vibe with zero experience and a much smaller budget. 

Fill Your Bathtub Higher

Start by covering your bath’s overflow drain so you can fill it higher. Remember not to fill it so high that it will overflow when you get in or else you will have a mess to clean. But, the higher water level will allow you to fully submerge your body and stay warmer longer.

Add Some Heat

If you want even more of a hot tub experience, try adding an immersion water heater. You can submerge this in the water to keep your bath at a consistent, warm temperature just like a Jacuzzi!

Mimic Jacuzzi Comfort

Next, try recreating the comfort of a Jacuzzi with spa pillows and seats. You can find full-body bath pillows online that are inflatable, water-resistant, and- most importantly- luxurious. Plus, you can deflate them for easy storage when you aren’t taking a bath!

Let the Bubbles Flow

Once you have warm water and comfortable seating, all that’s left to recreate are bubbles and jets. You can also buy these online for a reasonable price and your choices range from tiny bubbles to powerful massage jets. As always, when you use these electric bath products, be mindful of all the safety precautions and warnings.

Set the Mood With Lights

Finally, now that you have the basics down, you can add playful lights to help you relax even more in your homemade Jacuzzi. Battery-operated spa lights can give you up to 40 hours of use with one change of batteries- that’s like 80 baths! Some modern lights are easily controlled by your phone, giving you a customizable spa experience!

Update the Experience With Decor

Overwhelmed by all the moving parts? We hear you!
Home projects can be extremely overwhelming. Our Bathroom Remodel professionals will help you make an informed decision and service your home with meticulous attention to detail and professional craftsmanship.

If you want a truly spa-like experience in your DIY  jacuzzi, you should add some relaxing decor. The decor will elevate your experience as you relax deeper into your soak.

Some of our favorite Jacuzzi tub decorations are house plants, soothing aromatherapy candles, and pastel accents! Try mixing and matching your favorite relaxing bathtime accents to create a customized home Jacuzzi experience.

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A jacuzzi bath isn’t just an expensive upgrade you do on a whim. Whether you’re looking at redoing your master bathroom or adding one to your home as part of an addition, there are some things to consider before making any decisions.

A tub may seem like little more than a place to get clean, but choosing whether you want one with jets and what other features they should have is actually pretty complex. However, with proper planning, a little patience, and a creative vision, you can make your home spa dreams come true.

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