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Small, Yet Luxurious: Your Guide to Doing a Half Bath Remodel

Did you know that a half bathroom boosts the value of your home by 10%? That’s a great reason to splurge a little and make your tiny bath as luxurious as the rest of your home.

From the vanity to the towels, we’ve rounded up half bath remodel ideas, inspiration, and more. Just because you have a smaller space to work with doesn’t mean you can’t add plenty of drama, color, glamour, and luxury. With that said, Let’s get into designing your dream half bath.

Set the Tone with a Beautiful Vanity

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In a half bathroom, there are two main pieces including the toilet and the vanity. The vanity is the showstopper and the center of the room. This is your chance to set the tone for the bathroom.

For a luxurious look, choose a luxury vanity that fits your style. Because you don’t have a lot of space in a bathroom, doesn’t mean your vanity can’t have a big style. The look, the color, and the countertop can all reflect your design personality.

Make the vanity the focal point of the room. Great lighting and a pretty mirror will draw your eye to the vanity every time someone steps into the bathroom. A half bath is a small yet big place to showcase your style, taste, and a touch of luxury.

Guests, family, and friends can enjoy a pretty space with a big design style. Don’t let the size of the bathroom intimidate you. Go with a vanity that fits your design style and makes a big impact.

Choose Tile That Pops When You Renovate a Bathroom

The tile in a half bathroom can play a couple of different roles. While flooring has a function, it can also make a big impression in a tiny room. Use your flooring as a place to add a luxury feel.

Because you have a small space, you can use a tile with a standout design. Using a pattern, bold color, or fun design is perfect for a smaller space. With a larger room, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by a big pattern or design.

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In a small space, you can also add a more expensive or luxurious-looking tile. You don’t have a large area to cover that can eat up your budget. Splurge a little with a smaller space.

Spring for heated floors as well. This will give guests and your family a treat when they come to use the powder room. As soon as you step on a radiant heated floor, you’ll feel like you’re in a mini spa-like retreat.

Go Bold with Wallpaper or Paint

In a small space, many people think light paint will make your bathroom appear larger. A darker paint could give you a more dramatic effect. It could also make your room look larger and grander.

Don’t let a small space scare you from going with a paint color you like. A dark or bold color gives a small room personality. It also draws your eye up and gives the illusion of more space.

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Wallpaper is also a fun addition to any small bathroom. This gives you a chance to add a fun and whimsical touch to a smaller space. You can use a bold or classic pattern to create a luxurious look in a cozy space.

A small bathroom is also a great opportunity to use wallpaper for texture. Wallpaper can add warmth and dimension to otherwise flat walls.

Choose a Grand and Luxurious Light Fixture

The light fixtures in a bathroom can make all the difference. Not only do you need them to light the space, but you also want good lighting for viewing yourself, touching up make-up, or getting ready in the morning.

Even in a powder room overflow guests may use it to get ready or freshen up. Great lighting is key. Choose sconces on each side of the mirror with a touch of glamour.

For the main light fixture, you can choose a grand chandelier or light that adds a touch of drama. Just because you have a small space doesn’t mean your lighting can’t be bold and beautiful.

Add dimmers to sconces and your main light to give the room a romantic feel. You can leave them on low overnight to light the hallways and guide guests. Turn them up or down for different moods and uses.

Hardware and Your Faucet Add Touches of Sparkle

The hardware in a bathroom may not seem like a big deal but it can make a big impression in a small space. Add touches of sparkle with pretty hardware. These little details make all the difference in a small space.

On your vanity, add a pretty faucet that draws the eye. A luxury faucet often comes with smart technology. There are no touch features, automatic shut-offs, and more.

These faucets are also more energy-efficient. You’ll see a Water-Sense label from the Environmental Protection Agency when the faucet is approved for using less water waste. With a luxury faucet in a powder room, you and your guests can enjoy a nice faucet that’s also good for the planet.

Choose a pretty finish such as gold, chrome, or bronze. Compliment the faucet with your hardware. In the current real estate market, more buyers are spending more time at home and luxury homes are in demand

Pretty Details Amp Up the Glamour

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When you have a small bathroom, you don’t have a ton of room to make a big impression. This is where the little details make the difference. Cute accessories not only look great, but they also add some luxury.

From luxury towels to soap, a guest bath with all the treats will help make guests feel pampered. Add a room refresher such as incentives or a plug-in scent to treat all the five senses to an experience.

Add fresh flowers to the vanity, a shelf, or a window. Plants are also great natural elements to give life to a small space. Add luxury rugs and window treatments to give some warmth and texture.

On the sink, you can add a pretty tray with little amenities for your guests, a candle, or some flowers. These little touches are a great way to add glamour and make everyone feel welcome and pampered.

Luxurious Towels Pamper Guests

In a luxury bathroom, you expect luxury towels. Spring for soft, plush towels that give guests a treat. If you have the space, consider a small towel warmer for hand towels.

A bookcase or built-in is a great place to store towels and extra bathroom items. Get matching plush towels to display on the shelves. Add candles, decorative books, or vases to give the bathroom some sweet touches.

You can also use baskets to roll up luxury towels and create a spa-like retreat. Many towel brands offer hotel or luxury collections with extra softness. Even in a half bath, you can create an oasis.

Artwork Makes a Big Impression in a Half Hath Remodel

In a small half bathroom, there’s still plenty of room for art and personality. Add artwork to walls on shelves as well as on the vanity to give the room some style. You may be surprised by how much color and life artwork will bring to a small bathroom.

If you have a blank wall, consider a big piece of art that spans from floor to ceiling. This will add some drama and draw your eye up. This gives the appearance of a larger space and higher ceilings.

Art on the vanity, over the toilet, or on shelves adds some statement pieces to the bathroom. Pretty landscape scenes, pops of color, and art gives visual interest to an otherwise simple room.

Mirror, Mirror, on the Wall

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Mirrors are a great way to add light to a small bathroom. If you have high ceilings, go grand on the mirror. Add a large mirror that stretches to the ceiling.

Add another mirror on the opposite side or on a blank wall to reflect the light. You’ll give the illusion of more space. It will also help make your half bath brighter.

Let’s Get Started on Your Half Bath Remodel

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A half bath remodel can still add some major luxury and comfort to your home. From heated floors to towel warmers, even the tiniest spaces are big enough for convenience.

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