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Unwanted pests lurking around the house are not anybody’s idea of a good house guest. That’s why many homeowners and business owners turn to pest control companies to help prevent and eradicate pest problems.

Pests come in all shapes and sizes, from rodents and spiders to bats and ants. To be considered a pest, many home invaders don’t have to be dangerous. Much of the time, pests are just a nuisance. For example, having certain types of ants in your home can be annoying when you see them on your countertops or find them in an opened bag of candy in your pantry. A local pest control company can help take care of these bothersome issues caused by annoying bugs.

Aside from being a nuisance, a pest infestation can pose health problems in some instances. Some pests, like cockroaches, can trigger allergies and other issues. Other pests may pose an even larger danger as they can carry harmful diseases and pathogens that can be dangerous for you and your family. For example, some species of rodents can carry diseases such as Hantavirus, Leptospirosis, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis (LCM), Tularemia, and Salmonella. Other insects and bugs, like wasps, hornets, or bees, can bite and sting when they become agitated.

Many homeowners are also concerned about the risk of property damage caused by pests. It’s estimated that termites account for around 5 billion dollars in property damage throughout the United States each year. Rats and mice can also create issues as they can chew on electrical wiring, furniture, cables, and just about anything else in your home. To help prevent damage to the home or other property, many homeowners turn to pest control companies to help control pests.

Many people attempt to use various DIY forms of pest control and pesticides to help prevent or stop an infestation. While these solutions could prove to be successful at first, the results are usually temporary. For a long-term solution to prevent or eradicate unwanted pests, it’s best to use a pest control service with years of experience. A pest control professional can offer peace of mind and help ensure your home or other property is free from pests that can be a nuisance or even harmful. Let’s take a closer look at some solutions that a local pest control company can provide.

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Pest Control

A pest control technician sprays preventative pesticide around the exterior of a home.

As discussed, pest control is important to ensure your home is free from nuisance, potential hazards, and property damage caused by pests. The best pest control professionals can provide you with the treatments needed to ensure your property has ongoing protection from pests.

Pest control technicians are trained to safely handle and apply pesticides to minimize the risk to humans and pets. They also take steps to protect the environment by using pesticides and traps only as necessary and disposing of them properly. In addition to treatments, pest control technicians may offer recommendations for preventing future infestations, such as removing food and water sources for pests and improving sanitation practices. With proper pest control techniques, it’s possible to effectively manage pest populations while safeguarding the health and well-being of people and the environment.


There are numerous types of ants that could invade a home, and it’s important for the exterminator to understand what they’re dealing with. Once the professional knows what type of ants you have, they’ll prepare a targeted treatment plan. This will include sealing cracks and openings to ensure your home’s exterior is completely secure. They’ll also create a barrier with a chemical solution to prevent any ants from entering your house.

Regarding the ants inside your home, the exterminator will likely use traps or baits. In some extreme conditions, the colony must be targeted directly, and the exterminator will use repellent dust in the wall or wherever the source is. These methods work for various types of ants, including problematic carpenter ants.


Getting rid of bats in your home is a process that can take a little while to complete. Since bat pesticides and bat extermination are illegal in most areas, your local pest control company may use a method known as an exclusion to get rid of bats. This process involves sealing the primary exits that bats use with one-way devices. These door exits allow bats to leave safely and prevent them from getting back in. In some cases, professionals might also remove live bats and relocate them. After bats are excluded, the pest control company might also treat the area with a residual insecticide to kill any mites or bat bugs that might be present.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs can infest mattresses, furniture, and carpets and inflict painful, itchy bites. A professional exterminator can help you eliminate these pests quickly and effectively. Professionals use various methods to get rid of bed bugs, including heat treatment, mattress encasements, and crack and crevice pesticides. Heat treatment is a thermal remediation process that heats the temperature in the space to at least 120 degrees. This method kills the insects with intense heat. Multiple rounds of injections and spot treatments of pesticide sprays and dust can also be used in cracks and crevices.


If you have a bee problem at your home, a professional pest control expert can help. They will first identify the type of species you have and then employ the best method for removal. Some bee removal methods involve spraying, while others rely on physical extraction. In some extreme cases, sections of your interior walls may need to be removed to access the hive. If you have pollinators like bumble bees or honey bees, the local pest control company will not exterminate them. Instead, they’ll rely on a local beekeeper to move the bees into a box hive and safely relocate the bees.

In the case of destructive carpenter bees, insecticides are an effective method for stopping infestations. The exterminator will apply the chemical at the point of entry to the structure and wait a few days for the solution to work. After a few days, the pest control company might return to plug holes and prevent re-entry.


Controlling beetles will begin with an inspection of your property. The exterminator will look for everything that they’ve infested in order to design the appropriate treatment method. The typical treatment plan usually involves a combination of chemical solutions and physical removal of the beetles. Insecticide application will be applied in cracks and crevices. The pest control expert will probably also recommend ongoing measures to prevent the beetles from returning.

Boxelder Bugs

Boxelder bugs become a nuisance when they form clusters on the side of buildings and homes. Eventually, these bugs will find their way inside and create other issues. Exterminators can use a chemical spray treatment to get rid of bugs that are congregating on an exterior. They might also spray in the cracks and crevices inside to eliminate any bugs that are not in plain sight. A pest control expert might also suggest exclusion by sealing cracks, repairing or replacing damaged windows and doors, and plugging any gaps that lead to the outside.

Centipedes and Millipedes

One of the crucial aspects of getting rid of centipedes and millipedes is identifying any potential entry points. Once identified, the professional will seal up these areas to prevent further infestation. Inside the home or building, the exterminator will typically apply an insecticide to areas where the bugs are spotted. Additionally, the local pest control company might also use traps to catch and dispose of centipedes and millipedes. They might also help you identify damp areas of your home, like your basement, bathroom, or attic, and offer cleaning solutions to take care of any potential hiding places.

Cicada Killers

Cicada killer wasps can nest near your home and create an ominous presence in large numbers. When a pest expert comes to treat your home for these wasps, they’ll work to identify the nests. Cicada killers make nests by burrowing small holes into the ground. Once the nest is found, there are several methods that include the physical removal of the wasps and nest or the use of insecticides. If insecticides are used, they can be sprayed into the nest or used in granules in the area surrounding the nest.


Roaches are common pests in many areas and can cause problems for people and property. While there are several DIY solutions on the market, the best and most efficient method to get rid of cockroaches is to hire a professional. A professional will work to identify the entry point, nest location, and feeding areas to eliminate roaches. A typical roach infestation can take several treatments and include a combination of insecticide sprays, traps, and baits. More severe infestations could require fumigation of the entire property. The exterminator will asses the issue and recommend the best solutions.


If you have a cricket infestation, a pest professional will work to identify the source. This involves looking for areas where the crickets might be breeding or living. They’ll seal off these areas to eliminate future problems. They’ll also use insecticides and baits that are designed to target and eliminate crickets. A local pest control company might also suggest reducing the amount of light in a room or installing a dehumidifier to make an area less attractive to crickets.


Fleas usually find their way into your home by hitching a ride on the backs of your pets. Once inside, fleas can quickly infest your home and spread disease or create numerous other problems. When you contact a professional pest control company, they’ll employ specialized techniques to deal with the infestation. Professionals use multiple pesticides to target the different life stages of fleas. An adulticide can eliminate the adult fleas that are causing much of the problem. An insect growth regulator (IGR) is also used to sterilize any larvae to prevent them from reproducing. Since the pupae stage can’t be exterminated until it hatches, the insecticide used will have a residual effect that will continue to kill fleas as they hatch out. Flea control is a process that can take a few weeks to be successful.

Mice and Rats

Having mice or rats in your home can be unnerving. Fortunately, pest control experts have various methods for removing these pests from your property. A professional technician can use trapping, exclusion, and bating to help eliminate rodents from your space. Trapping involves setting up traps in areas where the rodents are active. Exclusion involves sealing entry points to prevent rats from entering your home. Finally, baits laced with poison can also target and eliminate mice and rats.


There are many types of spiders that can invade your home and create problems ranging from a nuisance to a health problem. A local pest control company will use traps, baits, and insecticides to take care of spiders in your space. This will help get rid of any spider infestation. The professional might also employ exclusion by caulking entry points to keep spiders out of your home.


Termites are a nuisance to your home, health, and property value. As one of the most requested professional pest services in the United States, professionals use various techniques to get rid of these destructive bugs. Local exterminators will start by identifying the type of termites you have and develop a treatment plan to target them. Bait systems can be used to lure bugs away from your home and use a control agent to kill off the colony. Liquid and foam sprays treat the perimeter of your home and kill termites entering your property. In cases of a serious infestation, fumigation or “tenting” might be used to rid your home of termites.

Wildlife Control

Pest control professionals are often called upon to deal with the pesky bugs that invade our homes. However, these experts aren’t just limited to the realm of insects and spiders. Wildlife control is also an important aspect of their work. When wildlife invades our homes and properties, it can cause damage, create safety hazards, and in extreme cases, even pose a threat to our health. Wildlife control involves a range of techniques and methods, from humane trapping and relocation to exclusion and habitat modification. Pest control professionals who specialize in wildlife control are trained to identify different types of animals and understand their behavior, which helps them develop these effective solutions for keeping these types of pests at bay.


Birds can be a beautiful sight in nature, but around properties, they can create serious problems. Bird droppings and feathers can accumulate, leaving unsightly stains and creating an unhealthy environment. The droppings can even cause respiratory problems for humans, especially for those with weak immune systems.

A local pest control company is the best solution for bird control as they’re familiar with the animals in your area. Barriers such as nets, spikes, and wires are very effective at preventing birds from roosting or nesting. These are usually installed around gutters, ledges, and roofs. Bird repellents can also be applied to frequently visited places. These repellents cause discomfort to the birds and prevent them from roosting or returning to the spot.


Opossums can get into your garden, garbage, and home while causing a lot of damage to your property. A local pest company will perform an inspection of your property to determine the extent of your problem. Typically, traps are used to capture opossums alive so they can be relocated to a different area. Once removed, the expert might suggest remediation efforts such as installing fencing, sealing any areas of entry into your home, and removing sources of food that attract opossums


Skunks are notorious for unpleasant odors and the ability to create havoc around your property. Pest experts will inspect your property to locate any potential entry points and sources of food that might be attracting skunks. Professional pest control technicians will likely use live traps to remove skunks from your property. They might also use repellents or deterrents to prevent the animals from returning. The technician might also recommend solutions to help prevent attracting skunks to your property.


Squirrels are cute animals in nature but can cause problems when they invade your home or other property. These animals can chew through wiring, insulation, and wooden structures and cause extensive damage. Pest experts will use a trap designed to capture the squirrels so they can be released away from the property. They may also use exclusion methods to cap chimneys, seal up holes, and apply mesh to vents to prevent squirrels from entering your home.

Innovative and Effective Pest Control Solutions for Homes and Businesses

Finding unwanted bugs, insects, or wildlife in or around your home or business will likely require the assistance of experts with years of pest control experience. A local pest control company will employ a combination of proactive and reactive strategies to mitigate infestations. From using pesticides and traps to exclusion methods, expert exterminators and technicians are trained to target unwanted visitors with specific tactics. Using various innovative and effective solutions will help you get rid of any and all pests setting up in your space.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Pest Control

How often should pest control be done?

Depending on what you’re treating for, there are recommendations for pest control at various intervals. In general, however, most pest control services suggest quarterly visits. This means you should get a pest prevention application every three months.

How much is a pest control service?

It’s best to contact a professional if you’re dealing with a pest infestation. The price for a one-time visit to take care of an immediate problem could range between $250 and $600. If you purchase a plan for regular pest control, quarterly visits average $100 to $300, and monthly visits could run you around $75.

How do I get started with pest control?

No matter if you’re in need of emergency pest removal or would like preventative treatments on a regular basis, it’s critical to contact a professional expert. You can use a service like Alpha Living to find the best local contractors for professional, innovative pest solutions. You’ll want to work with a local pest control company that knows about the different pests in your area.