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How Much Does a 10×10 Kitchen Remodel Cost?

small kitchen remodel price can fluctuate depending on the furniture and finishes you choose. It will also increase significantly if you decide to change the layout of your kitchen. 

Generally, homeowners currently spend approximately $150 to $450 per square foot to remodel their kitchen. Thus, a 100-square-foot remodel for a 10×10 kitchen will cost between $15,000 and $45,000. 

Basic to mid-range furniture and appliances will allow you to keep your remodel costs under $15,000. Whereas high-end appliances and designer furnishings will lead your costs to stretch into the $30,000 range. If you require all premium options, expect a price tag of around $45,000. 

It’s worth noting that the higher cost of some appliances may ultimately save you money down the road. Energy-efficient appliances may cost more at the outset, but they will pay for themselves with lower energy bills in the future. 

What to Expect for a 10×10 Kitchen Remodel

After a splendid renovation, behold the magnificent kitchen adorned with brand new furniture, ready to embrace its culinary destiny instantly
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As you consider your kitchen remodel price, consider the cost of the design and planning phase. 

In this face, you will hire a designer whose fees range from $150 to $200 an hour. If you plan on changing your kitchen layout, plan on paying more. 

You may believe you can save money in this area by planning your own kitchen. Avoid doing this step on your own. A designer can identify what will work best for your space and give you a desired final product. 

If you’re going to spend over $10,000 on a home project, hire someone to help you. The kitchen is the selling point for many homes. Seek help to make your focal point exactly what you want. 

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If you bring the designer into your home, you will spend a bit more. An in-home consultation can cost up to $800. The designer can also put together a 3D design with contractors, and this will increase the cost up to $1,500. 


Kitchen furniture primarily refers to cabinets. The cost for kitchen cabinets will include the cabinets themselves as well as the installation

You have a few choices with kitchen cabinets. You can replace the cabinets completely and plan on spending between $2,500 to $8,500. You can also reface cabinets by keeping the same cabinets but having a different set of doors and facing installed. 

Most individuals will choose to completely replace their cabinets, giving their kitchen a fresh look and smell. 

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New kitchen countertops will cost between $2,500 and $5,000 depending on the materials and quantity needed for your 10×10 kitchen remodel job. Stone countertops like marble and granite will cost the most and add the most elegance. Tile and other solid surfaces will cost significantly less, though, and accomplish the same function. 


The materials you choose for flooring will greatly vary in cost and look as well. Many people choose vinyl or ceramic flooring both for its aesthetics and cost. It also cleans easily, which is an essential quality of a good kitchen floor. 

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Plan on spending between $2,000 and $4,000 for your kitchen flooring. If you plan on having premium tiles installed, you will pay the upper end of this range. You will also have a pretty classy-looking kitchen. 


Kitchens do not function well without kitchen appliances. They help make the kitchen what it is, and their prices range as much as all of the other materials as well. 

The economy and availability also play a factor in the range of cost for appliances. As you look for appliances, read reviews so you can choose the longest-lasting and best-functioning equipment. 

You should also consider installation, delivery, and disposal fees as you look for your refrigerator, oven, stove, and dishwasher. These four appliances make up the staples of most kitchens. 

Appliances can cost as little as a couple of hundred dollars and as much as nearly a thousand dollars depending on what you need and want. 

Labor Cost

Labor costs will eat away around 50% of the total budget for 10×10 kitchen remodeling. A simple repair of the plumbing or electrical isn’t a costly affair. However, new plumbing, gas pipeline, or electrical installations will cost you around $1,000.

To install each of these elements, you have to shed around $100 to $150 per hour. Moreover, upgrading electrical panels could add another $800 to $1000 to the final cost.

Essential Expenses

As you look at your kitchen budget, prepare ahead by setting aside an additional 15 percent of your overall budget. As the contractor begins digging into your kitchen, they may find other needs that will cost you more. So plan ahead to avoid any other problems. 

Planning Your 10×10 Kitchen Remodel

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A complete kitchen remodel means you have the chance to change the layout of your kitchen. Kitchens come in five traditional layouts: 

  • L-shaped: where cabinets run along adjacent walls and create an L with cabinets, appliances, and countertops
  • U-shaped: the kitchen with three walls of cabinets, appliances, and countertops
  • G-shaped: the L-shaped kitchen that has a peninsula on one wall creating a small third countertop
  • Galley: a kitchen with appliances, cabinets, and countertops on facing walls
  • One-wall: a kitchen with a single wall of appliances, countertops, and cabinets

Your new kitchen costs can vary depending on if you want to stick with your current layout or if you’d like to change it by adding a peninsula or an island. 

Know Yourself

As you consider the cost of your kitchen, consider your own personality. Do you prefer a traditional, contemporary, or farmhouse look? Pick a style that reflects you while staying within budget

The combination of layout, kitchen cabinets, and flooring will create the ambiance you’re seeking. For example, some wood overlay layers paired with beveling will give your kitchen a warm feel.

Most cabinet makers can style the cabinets to work with a small 10×10 kitchen, so don’t let the size of your kitchen limit you. 

Small Kitchen Design Ideas

Small spaces still give you options. You can create some innovative features to make your kitchen more efficient, regardless of its design. Here are a few ideas for different layouts.

L-shaped Kitchen Ideas

You can maximize your two countertops with a few simple changes. Add a peninsula or island to the current layout to provide more seating, countertop space, and storage. 

Galley Kitchen Ideas

With the galley kitchen design, you can put all of the storage, sink, and appliances on one wall to keep the other wall open to the dining area.

You could also put your dishwasher and sink on one side and your other appliances and storage on the other. then swap out the traditional base and upper cabinets for a tall cabinet. This will give you more storage. 

One-Wall Kitchen Ideas

Add an island to give you more countertops, seating, and storage. You could even have the island be a mobile island, where you can roll it away for storage or to the side of the room when you’re not using it. 

U-Shape Kitchen Ideas

Plan specific areas for cooking, cleaning, and storage. Create under-counter trash or compost bin near the cooking area with a slide-out cutting board over it.

When you plan your kitchen into zones, you’ll make food preparation and clean-up simpler and more enjoyable. 

How to Save on a 10×10 Kitchen Remodel

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You do not have to spend the maximum amount for a small 10×10 kitchen remodel. With creative thinking, you can lower your overall costs. 

Look for materials that have similar looks to the premium materials but without the premium price. For example, use a stone-looking vinyl flooring to mimic a real stone floor or a laminate floor to mimic wood. 

You will achieve the same aesthetic and save yourself thousands of dollars. 

You can also save money by purchasing appliances similar to the ones you’re replacing. This way you can use the same sockets, gas lines, and plumbing. This will save you up to $5,000 in utility installation costs. 

As you plan your kitchen, create a list of the changes you want and the changes you need. Prioritize so you know what you can easily give up if the costs begin to surpass your budget. 

Practice Smart Planning

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Your 10×10 kitchen remodel cost will ultimately be whatever you deem it to be. The more you want to be changed, the more it will cost. But you can achieve the same luxurious aesthetics while still saving money if you know the right corners o cut. 

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