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How to Replace a Bathroom Countertop

Your bathroom countertop can significantly impact the overall feel of your bathroom. Over time, they can become stained, cracked, or fall out of style. This leaves your bathroom feeling uninspired and challenging to clean.

Considering replacing your bathroom countertop? You’re not alone. Many homeowners find their bathrooms stuck in a bygone era, with outdated countertops dragging down the entire space.

This guide will equip you with everything you need to know about replacing your bathroom countertop. We’ll explore material options, removal, and installation instructions. You’ll also learn tips for finding the right contractor.

How to Replace Your Bathroom Countertop

Before diving headfirst into any bathroom remodeling project, a little planning goes a long way. Here are some key planning aspects to consider to help replace your countertop:

Bathroom Countertop Design

The design element is crucial in shaping your new space’s aesthetics. Sketching your ideas and creating mood boards can help you visualize and define your design choices. Here’s how to determine the perfect design for your countertop:

Luxurious modern bathroom interior with marble walls and floor, featuring a white oval basin, wall-mounted faucet, glass shower enclosure, and golden bathroom accessories
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Consider the Countertop Style

Consider the overall style of your bathroom and choose a countertop material and design that complements the existing décor. You want to use your latest project to inject your style.

Look at patterns and textures that harmonize with your existing fixtures, cabinetry, and flooring. Explore different bathroom countertop colors and finishes to create a space that reflects your taste. Consider bold patterns, veined textures, or unique materials like concrete or recycled glass to add a personal touch.

Understanding current bathroom remodeling trends can also inspire your design choices. Browse online resources or visit showrooms to discover popular designs that resonate with your vision.

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Take Into Account Functionality

Think about usage when installing a new countertop. Consider how frequently people will use the bathroom and who uses it. High-traffic bathrooms require more durable and low-maintenance materials like quartz or laminate. A guest bathroom might offer more flexibility in material selection.

If space is a concern, explore options like bathroom countertops with sinks or built-in compartments. Or consider remodeling your vanity base to incorporate extra drawers or shelving. This can provide much-needed storage while maintaining a cohesive look with the new countertop.

Decide on the type of sink you prefer. Undermount sinks provide a clean aesthetic and easier cleaning around the rim. You can also consider replacing the sink if it no longer complements the new countertop design.

Consider the Cost to Replace Bathroom Countertop

Upgrading your bathroom countertop can vary in expenses, including material costs, potential plumbing or electrical adjustments, and even labor costs if you opt for

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professional help. The cost for countertop replacement ( can be anywhere from $20 to $8000, depending on the materials and style you choose.

Prefabricated stock countertops made from budget-friendly materials like cultured marble are the most cost-effective option. Bathroom vanity tops crafted from natural materials such as natural stone or ceramic are also reasonably priced. If you’re looking for a high-end countertop design, be prepared to spend up to $8000.

Dispose of Your Old Bathroom Countertop

 Avoid throwing away your old bathroom countertop with other unusable items. Instead, look into eco-friendly disposal methods before starting your project. Reach out to your local waste management company for proper disposal instructions. Or consider donating your countertop if it’s still in good shape.

Decide: Bathroom Vanity Base vs Countertop

Decide whether to replace the entire bathroom vanity base or just the countertop. Replacing the whole vanity offers a more comprehensive update but might involve additional costs and plumbing considerations.

Finding a Qualified Contractor for Your Bathroom Countertop Replacement

Bathroom remodeling projects can be complex, especially when plumbing or electrical work is necessary. A good contractor will help you choose suitable materials and guide your design process.

Seek recommendations from people you trust who have recently done similar work. Or use online portals like AlphaLiving ( to find local contractors in your area. These platforms often allow you to filter by location, services offered, and customer reviews.

Ensure you check online reviews. Reading reviews and testimonials on contractor websites or online platforms helps you gauge the contractor’s reputation and customer satisfaction levels.

Choosing a New Bathroom Countertop

The heart of your bathroom remodel lies in the countertop. Selecting the right countertop material is crucial for its lifespan, aesthetics, and functionality. Let’s explore some popular options to consider when making your choice:


Granite offers unmatched durability, heat resistance, and natural beauty. It also boasts a vast array of stunning colors and patterns, adding a touch of timeless elegance to any bathroom. Yet, regular sealing is required for optimal performance and comes at a higher price than other options.


Quartz is a non-porous material known for its stain resistance and low maintenance needs. Available in many colors and styles, it seamlessly integrates into various design aesthetics.

Compared to granite, it’s typically more affordable than granite. Unfortunately, it might not offer the same level of heat resistance.


Marble is another excellent bathroom countertop material option. Exuding timeless luxury, marble captivates with its unique veining and adds a touch of sophistication to any bathroom.

If you’re using marble, prepare for higher maintenance expenses. Marble is susceptible to staining and etching and requires careful cleaning practices.


Budget-friendly and easy-to-maintain, laminate offers many patterns and colors, allowing you to achieve the desired look without breaking the bank. But keep in mind that laminate is less durable than other options. It can also be prone to scratches and wear over time, potentially limiting its lifespan.

Removing the Old Countertop

Before diving into the removal process, prioritizing safety is paramount. Equip yourself with essential gear, including safety glasses, gloves, and a dust mask. You want to protect yourself from dust, debris, and potential falling materials.

Modern bathroom with a round, dark stone sink, matte black wall-mounted faucets, a hanging grey towel, and decorative items including a vase with lavender and patterned ceramic containers on a white shelf against a textured pale wall.
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Gather the Necessary Tools and Materials

  • Pry bar
  • Utility knife Hammer
  • Chisel (optional) Caulk remover Trash bags
  • Clear the Bathroom

Remove all personal belongings from the bathroom to create a spacious, clutter-free work area. Removing all items from the bathroom ensures there are no tripping hazards or obstacles that could cause accidents during the remodeling process. Sharp objects, electrical appliances, and slippery surfaces can pose risks if left in the area.

Shut Off the Water Supply

Locate the shut-off valve under the sink and turn it clockwise until the water flow ceases. Double-check by turning on the faucet. No water should flow.

Caulk Removal

Using the utility knife, carefully cut the caulk seal between the countertop, wall, and sink. Gently pull away the loosened caulk with your hands.

Disconnecting the Sink

Place a bucket or towel under the sink to catch any drips. Using adjustable wrenches, loosen and disconnect the faucet and any supply lines from the sink according to the plumbing configuration.

Countertop Removal

Carefully position the pry bar under the edge of the countertop, near the corner where it meets the vanity base. Apply gentle pressure to loosen the countertop from the adhesive holding it in place.

Caution: Avoid prying excessively, as this could damage the vanity base. Work your way around the perimeter, gradually loosening the countertop.

Lifting and Removing

Once loosened, carefully lift the countertop with a partner if possible. Maneuver it from the bathroom, placing it on a sturdy surface for disposal (refer to local guidelines), or further work if you reuse it.

Installing the New Countertop

With the old countertop removed, it’s time to welcome the new one in. Here’s a breakdown of the installation process:

Clean the Vanity Base

Thoroughly clean the vanity base to remove dust, debris, or old adhesive residue. This ensures a smooth and secure surface for the new countertop.

Test Fit

Carefully position the new countertop onto the vanity base and ensure it aligns correctly with the cabinet and sink cutout. Double-check for any overhang discrepancies and make adjustments if necessary.

Apply Sealant

Following the manufacturer’s recommendations, apply a bead of silicone caulk along the perimeter of the vanity base where the countertop will sit. Use your finger or a flat tool nearby to smooth out the caulk.

Set the Countertop

Carefully lower the countertop onto the vanity base. Once you’ve ensured proper alignment, press it firmly to establish good contact with the sealant.

Reconnect Plumbing

Reconnect the faucet and any supply lines to the sink, following the manufacturer’s instructions and adhering to local plumbing codes. Ensure all connections are secure and watertight.

Apply Caulk

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Once the plumbing connections are complete, use a caulk gun to apply a bead of silicone caulk around the perimeter of the countertop where it meets the wall and sink. This creates a watertight seal and adds a finished look to your installation.

Replace Your Bathroom Countertop

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To replace your bathroom countertop can be a transformative project. Still, it’s essential to approach it with the proper preparation and resources. Whether you tackle the replacement yourself or seek professional assistance. Careful planning and informed decision-making are vital to achieving a successful outcome.

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