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Find the Best Local Landscaping Company Near You

A home with a beautiful new landscape installment from a local landscaping company.

When it comes to transforming your backyard into a stunning outdoor oasis, finding a reliable and professional landscaping company is key. With so many options out there, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. With Alpha Living, you can search for the best local landscaping company near you easily and stress-free.

At Alpha Living, we have an extensive network of your area’s top landscaping companies. Our online platform allows you to browse through a range of professionals, all with a proven track record of delivering exceptional results. With our user-friendly interface, you can easily compare different landscaping services and request quotes directly from them.

Whether you’re looking to create a lush garden, a functional outdoor living space, or add some curb appeal to your property, Alpha Living has you covered. Enter your location and browse through the top-rated landscapers in your area. Finding and hiring the best landscaping company has never been easier or more convenient than with Alpha Living. So why wait? Explore our platform today and transform your outdoor space into a breathtaking paradise.

Find The Best Landscaping Contractors Today

Professional Landscaping Services

If you’ve always wanted to create a stunning garden, build a new outdoor living area, or even maintain the health and beauty of your lawn, Alpha Living’s network of experts has the knowledge, experience, and skills to deliver top-quality results tailored to your individual needs and preferences.

One significant advantage of hiring local landscape contractors through Alpha Living is the convenience and time savings. Instead of spending your weekends on lawn care and landscape maintenance, you can hire a team of local landscapers to handle all the work, leaving you more free time to enjoy your backyard and your family.

A local landscaping company can also help enhance your home’s curb appeal and increase its value on the real estate market. Beautifully designed gardens, lush greenery, and functional outdoor living spaces are all major selling points for potential buyers and can help differentiate your property from others in the market.

Choosing a Reputable and Experienced Landscaper

Choosing a reputable and experienced landscaper to beautify your outdoor spaces is as essential as it comes. Professional landscapers in the industry understand the terrain, soil type, and plants that flourish in your area. They possess the knowledge and skills to create and maintain a functional and aesthetically pleasing landscape design. A professional landscaper can transform any outdoor space into an inviting area that enhances your home’s enjoyment, making it a stunning retreat.

Aerating and Thatching Services

A white home with a green lawn and a new landscaping job against a colorful sky.

Lawn aeration creates small holes in your lawn, allowing nutrients and air to penetrate the soil. This process helps improve soil drainage, reduce soil compaction, and promote healthy grass growth. Lawn thatching removes the thick layer of dead grass and debris accumulating on your lawn over time. If this layer becomes too thick, it can choke off your grass and cause the roots to die off.

Professionals can determine when and how to perform the services, choose the best equipment and methods, and ensure the services are done safely and efficiently. They can also customize their approach based on the needs of your lawn, such as choosing the right type of grass seed for seeding after aeration and ensuring the thatching process does not damage your lawn.

Hiring a local landscaping company to provide aeration and thatching services for your lawn ensures the process is done correctly and cost-effectively. With regular aeration and thatching services, your lawn can continue to grow and thrive year after year, keeping your yard looking beautiful and healthy.

Common Landscaping Services

The most common landscaping services include lawn care, pruning and trimming, pest and weed control, and irrigation system setup and maintenance.

  1. Lawn care is perhaps the most essential landscaping service, which keeps your lawn lush and green throughout the year. It involves mowing the lawn, fertilizing it, and watering it regularly. The frequency of lawn care depends on the season, weather, and the type of grass you have.
  2. Another common landscaping service is pruning and trimming. This service involves properly trimming or pruning trees, shrubs, and other plants to keep them healthy and looking their best. This service also requires the removal of old, weak, or diseased trees to protect your property from a potential hazard.
  3. Pest and weed control is another important service that ensures your plants are healthy and free from infestation. It involves applying pesticides and herbicides to combat weeds or pests and protect plants from damage.
  4. Irrigation involves keeping your lawn and garden hydrated optimally and is another must-have landscaping service. This service can decrease water usage while improving your lawn and garden’s health and appearance. A local landscaping company can provide homeowners with a customized irrigation system that caters to the needs of their landscape.

Many homeowners outsource these extensive, labor-intensive landscaping services to professional landscapers who maintain their property year-round.

Lawn Maintenance

Professional lawn maintenance services include various tasks to keep your property well-maintained. Leaf removal is a popular maintenance task to keep your property looking clean. Local landscapers use specialized equipment to remove leaves and other debris. Grading and topsoil services help promote adequate drainage and prevent erosion. These measures help maintain the overall health and stability of your property.

Custom Landscape Design

Custom landscape design services offered by professional landscaping companies encompass a wide range of options to enhance and maintain visually stunning and functional outdoor spaces. These services include:

  • Planting: Expert landscapers possess the knowledge and expertise to choose the perfect plants that thrive in your specific environment. They carefully select suitable locations for planting, ensuring optimal growth and plant health.
  • Mulching: Mulching is vital in preserving soil moisture, supplying nutrients to plants, and suppressing weed growth.
  • Lawn Drainage System Installation: These systems help mitigate the risk of water damage during heavy rainfall. They effectively manage water runoff, preventing soil erosion and potential damage to your property.

Standard Fence Installation: Iron, Wood, and More

Fence installation, such as iron, wood, and more, can bring security, safety, and privacy. Installing fencing with a local landscaping company can help you maximize the functionality of your outdoor space, giving you the privacy to relax and enjoy your backyard with your family and friends.

Sell Your Home With Updated Landscaping

By working with a professional landscaping company to create a stunning outdoor space, you can make a positive first impression on buyers and potentially increase the value of your property. A well-maintained and attractive landscape can significantly improve your home’s curb appeal and attract potential buyers.

Professional landscaping can elevate your property’s look and feel, attracting potential buyers and encouraging them to look closer at your home. The right combination of plants, flowers, and hardscaping elements can create a cohesive, visually appealing design that complements your home’s architecture and style.

Additionally, well-designed landscaping can draw in buyers looking for an upgraded outdoor living space with entertainment, relaxation, and even outdoor dining areas. This can make your property stand out from other homes on the market and showcase its potential as a perfect place for buyers to call home.

When considering landscaping upgrades, keep in mind that potential buyers will be looking for low-maintenance features that won’t require a lot of upkeep. Adding new sod, planting colorful flowers, and updating mulch can give your home an instant facelift.

But landscaping improvements aren’t just about looks; they can also increase your home’s value. According to the American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA), a home’s landscaping can influence its perceived value by up to 15%. In addition, a well-designed landscape can help with energy efficiency, think of strategically planted shade trees, and even provide privacy from neighboring homes.

Investing in the services of a professional local landscaping company is a smart choice for homeowners looking to increase the value of their property and make it more attractive to potential buyers.

Common Landscaping Problems

Landscaping is more than just planting flowers and trees in your front or backyard. It involves many tasks, including lawn care, tree pruning, mulching, and irrigation, to keep your outdoor living space beautiful and healthy.

One common landscaping issue that homeowners face is overgrown trees and shrubs. Ignoring them is easy until they interfere with your property’s functionality or become a hazard. A professional landscaper will have the tools and knowledge to trim back the branches or remove them altogether without causing damage to your property or the trees’ health.

Another common landscaping issue is weed growth. Weeds can be unsightly and compete with your plants for nutrients and moisture. Pulling them out by hand can be tedious and ineffective, especially if they’ve spread deep roots. A professional landscaper can apply herbicides or other weed control methods to eliminate the weeds and establish a proper maintenance regimen to prevent future outbreaks.

Landscaping companies can help homeowners with common landscaping issues, from tree pruning to weed control. They bring expertise, experience, and the right tools to the job, ensuring your lawn and garden look beautiful year-round. Don’t spend countless hours and energy trying to manage your landscaping problems alone; call a professional local landscaping company today.

Pests, Water, and Drainage Problems

In addition to plant-related issues, outdoor insects and pests can cause damage to both plants and structures. Mosquitoes and ticks can be a nuisance and carry diseases, while rodents can cause extensive damage to gardens and even homes. Water and drainage problems, such as standing water or erosion, can also cause damage and create hazards in the yard.

Unhealthy Soil, Soil Erosion, and Inadequate Sunlight

Bad or unhealthy soil is another common landscaping issue that can impact the growth and health of plants. Soil erosion can also lead to significant problems in the yard, from the loss of topsoil to damage to structures and hardscaping. Having the wrong type of plants in too much shade and inadequate sunlight can limit their growth and create a dreary, uninviting space.

Homeowners may face many different landscaping issues, but a professional can help address these issues and create a healthy, vibrant yard. Professional landscapers can provide lawn and garden maintenance, weed control, pest management, drainage solutions, and soil remediation.

Different Styles of Landscaping to Consider When Redesigning

A large home surrounded by a beautiful landscaping job with grasses, daisies, trees, and bushes.

When it comes to landscaping, choosing the right style can bring about several benefits. One of the most important considerations is the climate of your area. Different regions have varying temperatures, rainfall, and soil types that can significantly impact the health and growth of your plants, so you’ll choose a landscaping style that works with your conditions.

Types of Landscaping

When landscaping your home, there are numerous design options to choose from. Each landscaping design brings your lawn a unique flavor and charm based on its climate, terrain, and space availability. Homeowners can ensure their yards are healthy, beautiful, and enjoyable by working with a local landscaping company. Here are some popular types of landscaping designs that homeowners can consider.


Tropical landscapes bring a touch of paradise to your front yard with their exotic plants, lush foliage, and vibrant colors. These landscapes thrive in warm and humid climates, usually featuring plants with large leaves and showy flowers.


Woodland landscapes are perfect for homes in hilly areas or forests. They feature plants that grow well in the shade, such as ferns and hostas, and can be combined with hardscaping elements like paths and arches to create a natural forest vibe.


Prairie landscapes, also known as meadowland designs, are ideal for large properties, where you can cultivate tall grasses and wildflowers that sway with every breeze. These landscapes reflect a thoughtful approach to landscaping, promoting the preservation of native and natural plant species.


Desert landscapes bring a rustic charm to your home with cacti, succulents, and rocks. These designs are perfect for homes in hot and arid regions where water preservation is a vital consideration. A landscaping company can combine landscapes with natural hardscaping elements like sandstone and boulders.

English Garden & Japanese Garden

English gardens usually feature traditional plants like roses and lavender. Japanese gardens incorporate water features like ponds and bamboo plants.

Tuscan & French

Tuscan and French landscapes usually feature terracotta tiles, fountains, and topiaries to create a rustic Old World elegance for your home.

Eco-Friendly Landscaping

Eco-friendly landscaping is a growing trend among homeowners who want to reduce their environmental impact while beautifying their outdoor spaces. As more homebuyers prioritize sustainability and environmental responsibility, opting for this type of landscaping with the help of a local landscaping company can set a property apart from others on the market.

One of the main advantages of this landscaping approach is that it can help reduce water consumption. For example, incorporating drought-tolerant plants and installing a rain barrel or cistern can help capture and use rainwater for irrigation. This reduces water waste and helps homeowners save money on their water bills.

Another benefit of eco-friendly landscaping is that it helps preserve local ecosystems. Choosing native plants that thrive in the local climate can help support native wildlife, such as birds and butterflies, and promote biodiversity. Eco-friendly landscaping practices also reduce harmful chemical fertilizers and pesticides, which can harm the environment and human health. Instead, composting and natural pest management strategies can be utilized, keeping the environment and your yard healthy.

Lastly, eco-friendly landscaping can increase property value. Eco-friendly landscaping can provide a beautiful outdoor living space while benefiting the environment and the homeowner’s wallet.

Water-Efficient Landscaping

Water-efficient landscaping is becoming increasingly popular, which is no surprise since it benefits homeowners looking to redesign their landscaping. It’s a landscaping approach that uses water-efficient plants, irrigation systems, and smart watering techniques to conserve water while creating a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Homeowners can reduce their water usage and bills by using water-efficient plants and irrigation systems with the help of a local landscaping company. This is especially helpful in areas where water is scarce or where water usage is restricted due to drought conditions or other environmental concerns.

How Many People Should I Hire To Do My Landscaping?

A top view of a backyard pool surrounded by landscaping to create a tropical feel.

When it comes to landscaping, one of the most common questions homeowners ask is how many people they should hire to do the job. The answer to this question largely depends on the size and complexity of your landscaping project.

If you have a small yard with a simple design, you may get away with hiring just one or two landscapers to do the job. However, if you have a larger yard with multiple features, such as a pool, multiple garden beds, or complex hardscaping elements, you may need to hire a larger team to do the job efficiently.

Ultimately, the number of people you should hire for your landscaping project depends on various factors, including the project’s size and complexity and your completion timeline. Working with a reputable landscaping company can help you determine the ideal team size for your specific needs.

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Choosing a local landscaper from Alpha Living can help you get the personalized service and quality workmanship you need for your outdoor space. We take the time to connect you with someone who understands your vision and works closely with you to bring it to life. With the expertise of a local landscaping company and community connections, we can help you create a beautiful and functional landscape to enhance your home and lifestyle.